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The end of family conflict at Rogers Communications

The end of family conflict at Rogers Communications

The battle that has torn the Rogers family apart for several years is finally over after the siblings reach an agreement that will remain secret. Thus, sisters Melinda Rogers Hickson and Martha Rogers withdraw from the board of directors of the telecommunications company.

“Now that the differences within our family have been resolved, we both believe it is the right time for us to step down from the Rogers Communications Board of Directors. We remain proud, engaged shareholders, and look forward to supporting the company’s future success. As our late father said: ‘The best is yet to come After,” the sisters announced in a press release.

Recall that the dispute erupted in October 2021 after Edward Rogers tried to replace the company's CEO and make a management change, a plan that was blocked by other directors, including his mother, Laurette Rogers. He was then removed from his position on the board of directors.

The following month, the British Columbia Supreme Court finally ruled in favor of the deceased's son, Ted Rogers, but tensions remained palpable.

At the end of this struggle, which lasted for several years, Edward Rogers, who once again held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, wanted to thank his sisters for their participation in the company.

“Their dedication to Rogers Communications has played an integral role in the company’s growth and is reflected in the passion with which our employees serve our customers across the country every day,” he noted.