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The eclipse that the newspapers saw… in 1932!

The eclipse that the newspapers saw… in 1932!

It is August 30, 1932, one day before the Sun performs. Brief guides for observing the total eclipse are published in all daily newspapers in the governorate. The years seem to follow each other… and become similar.

Weather conditions are at the heart of concerns. Overcast skies can play a spoilsport. Journalism It even had the title of the dispatch: “The Nightmare of the Clouds.”

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<p class=Journalism He shares a short guide to observing the eclipse and predicts a cloudy day. (punk archive)

Expectations are high, despite everything. Many citizens took the necessary measures to observe the eclipse in places where it will be visible for a longer period. As for others, they prepared themselves to watch it from the street or from the rooftops of their homes.

It is noteworthy that international astronomers and scientists flock to Montreal and quickly head to Magog and Louisville, where “scientific missions have been set up,” he says. Motherland.

Closed shops and dark glasses

In the early morning of D-Day, August 31, 1932, the clouds became menacing. Scientists on the lookout are very concerned.

He points out that “the sky covered with clouds and the humid temperature raised serious concerns among groups of astronomers whose instruments were ready to record the phenomenon of a total solar eclipse.” the sun.

But the overcast skies did not stop the final preparations.

Major companies close their stores to allow employees to view the total solar eclipse. Bosses don't say it out loud, but they also want to be in the public square during the parade. Even journalists from News writer Their work day will end at 3pm so they don't miss anything.

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<p class=Journalists from News book He had time off at 3pm to observe the eclipse. (punk archive)

People rush to get their “viewing glasses” before they bump their noses into closed store doors. They pay about 10 cents per pair. Exhibition She also shares an opinion on the importance of capital with her readers.

“Observing the Sun with the naked eye during an eclipse is very dangerous. You have to do it with smoked glasses or photographic film.

La Tribune, 31 August 1932

<em>La Tribune</em> She shares her advice for observing the eclipse.” src=”×0/filters:format(jpg):quality(100)/cloudfront-” width=”1440″ height=”0″ loading=”lazy”/></picture><figcaption>
<p class=Exhibition He shares his tips for observing the eclipse. (punk archive)

“Dark glasses”: We are light years away from the recommendations made by the authorities in 2024. Almost a century later, caution is needed. It is highly recommended to equip yourself with glasses that have obtained the ISO 12312-2 standard as well as CE certification.

the sun He even reported that “motorists, wanting to see without disturbing themselves, deposited a layer of carbon black on the windshield glass of their cars” to follow all phases of the celestial spectacle.

Beautiful scene despite the clouds

Between three and four o'clock in the afternoon of August 31, 1932, the Moon's passage between the Earth and the Sun caused a total eclipse.

And if some could taste “magical transformations that are impossible to describe,” as it was said The Novelist In Louisville, Others were very disappointed with Mother Nature. In particular, scientists who came from the four corners of the world to observe this phenomenon.

“Nature, by one of her inexplicable whims, deceived their hopes and did not allow them to observe the eclipse in all its splendor,” he writes. Daily.

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The people of Quebec had an “admirable spectacle,” as it turns out the sun.

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“The eclipse had absorbed all the energies. The chiefs and officials, men and women, and a great number of children, all armed with basic smoked glass, were examining the celestial vault where the most amazing phenomenon of all was taking place.

“Even the poor devils who live outdoors in our public squares were interested in the eclipse.”

The Sun, September 1, 1932

In the federal capital, “everyone agrees it was one of the most poignant astronomical events… and Ottawa had its place under the sun – without any form of speech,” reports said. Right.

On April 8, 2024, almost 100 years later, are Quebecers entitled to the same scenario? Only time will tell.