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Four ways to charge your smartphone when there is no power

Four ways to charge your smartphone when there is no power

What could be worse than your phone running out of battery without access to power? There are tips for reloading. Here are four.

During a power outage, we find ourselves cut off from the majority of our electronic devices, and then we find ourselves praying that it doesn’t last long and that we have enough. battery in his smartphone. If you already have external batteries, solar chargers, or the like, you don’t have to worry too much. But what if you don’t have any of that? Fortunately, even without a power grid, you have options.

Use your car

The most obvious solution to this problem is your car. Most modern cars have USB ports, and car batteries are good power sources. Your car is then the most efficient and sophisticated generator at your fingertips.

If your car doesn’t have a USB port, you probably have a USB starter kit.

Choose the manual feeder

If you regularly venture outdoors, you may be familiar with hand loaders. Perfect for emergencies. Most also have a radio and flashlight. Some even have the option to charge via solar power or via AAA batteries. You won’t get 100% charged with one of these accessories, just a few percent, or a few minutes of calling, but it’s enough to ask for help or ask for information.

Burn things to restore the battery

You can use combustible material in an accessory like the BioLite Campstove 2+ to charge your smartphone. Put whatever you want to burn in it, light the fire and let it burn. The generated heat will be converted into energy. You’ll need to let the fire burn for several hours to properly charge your device, but you’ll still be able to get battery power even without using the sun. Campstove 2+ also has a built-in battery. comfortable.

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Batteries can also charge your phone

You can also use conventional 9V batteries to charge your phone. The easiest way is to use 9V batteries, and since these are the batteries that go into smoke detectors, you may have some in your home.

To do this, you need a car phone charger, a 9V battery, a USB cable, the associated adapter if necessary, a piece of conductive metal such as a wrench or a paperclip. Place the cable into the charger and attach the key or paperclip to the side of the charger so that it touches the negative terminal and the bottom. By connecting the negative and positive terminals of the battery to the terminals of the charger, you will be able to slowly but still recharge your phone. Enough to make an emergency call. It also works with AA or AAA batteries, but you need to connect the batteries together. A little more complicated, but nothing impossible.

Staying connected during an emergency is crucial. If you find yourself running low and your phone is about to run out of battery, one of these tricks may save you.