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The dashing cowboys end their summer in Sant Tete

The dashing cowboys end their summer in Sant Tete

People from all over Quebec converged on Saint-Tite on Saturday night to see the Cowboys Fringants perform. Tears and Goosebumps, the group’s last concert of the summer was full of emotions. Many spectators consider themselves lucky to have had this experience while the group’s singer is currently battling prostate cancer.

The star of the evening was singer Carl Tremblay. As soon as he got on the stage, the audience started screaming.

He quickly told the audience how happy he was to be returning for the fourth time to Sant Tite.

We’re wrecked cowboys, ladies and gentlemen. The band that was ready to come and play for you is here tonightHe says.

Coming to Saint-Tite is completely natural for a cowboy. The first lines they composed as artists run around the city.

On the way to Sant Tete. Like a flower, I choose you. You, my beautiful Margaret-Can we hear? Paths to happiness.

Enjoy every second

Cancer weakens the singer and the treatments disrupt the show schedule. The next concert scheduled for Gatineau has been cancelled. Carl Tremblay acknowledged its existence working hard To provide as many dates as possible for his fans.

Rimouski, Quebec and Drumonville, with Sainte-Teté among the venues for one of the rare appearances for the wrecking Cowboys this summer.

Carl Tremblay was gracious and the audience returned the favor with love and hope. On several occasions, the audience sang the group’s greatest hits in unison.

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Saturday night at Sant’Tite, the energy was there, but the singer sat on stage for a few minutes to rest.

We don’t know if it will have a sequel, we don’t know if it will be the last, but Carl, we love you so much. Damn the futuresays a young man at the end of the show.

It was an emotional show. It was an unannounced farewell toursays another cowboy enthusiast.

More and more popular

1,600 tickets were sold for this show. They were all found in custody less than 24 hours later.

There is incredible enthusiasm. I think Karl is not without reason for the tremendous success he is currently experiencingMelanie Comtois, Director of Development, Programming and Grants at the Western de Saint-Tite Festival.

As soon as the arena doors opened, the race for the best seat began.

We are confident that they will return to us in the next few years.Ms. Comtois continues.