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Suzanne Kleiman says she wasn't happy while starring in the hit show

Suzanne Kleiman says she wasn't happy while starring in the hit show

In an interview with Penelope McQuaid, Suzanne Kleiman revealed some secrets about the experience of filming a very popular show that she didn't really appreciate.

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If from an external point of view the profession of an actor may seem unusual, for those who practice it it happens, as in all other professions, that some work experiences are less pleasant than others.

That's what Suzanne Kleiman addressed when she was a guest on Penelope McQuaid's show of the same name, which was returning to the air after a long hiatus.

The person who plays Emmanuel STAT She revealed that there was one project in particular, a hugely popular show, where she was unhappy, and because it was early in her career, it almost made her worry about the future. that it Wattatataw!

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“I'll be honest, I've been screaming every lunchtime [sur] WattatatawBecause I'm not used to it. I didn't like my outfit, the makeup was too much. I did not understand, and I said to myself: Is this him? “This is going to be the job, I'm going to hate my makeup every time… Hey, sorry about the makeup artist at that time!”, said Susan Kleiman before qualifying, adding that she has met some amazing people in this forum.

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She only played the character of Isabel for a year in season 4 before leaving on her own. She will then be replaced by Claudia Paquette.

In an interview on our pages in October, the actor Stephane Gagnon On his part, he stated that for him, Wattatataw It represented the “best school” for learning his trade.

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In the rest of her interview with Penelope McQuaid, Suzanne Kleiman also talked about her role in STATin addition to his upcoming film roles, including one that will be shown on Netflix. To listen to the full interview.

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