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The confluence of Mars and Jupiter can be seen in the flash of dawn on Sunday morning

The confluence of Mars and Jupiter can be seen in the flash of dawn on Sunday morning

A small white dot and a small orange dot very close to the sky on Sunday, May 29, 2022, early in the morning. These are Jupiter and Mars, which can be admired with the naked eye.

It is clear that they are not close in our country solar systemBut from our point of view, Reckless Jupiter And the rocky mars Gather in heaven on Sunday, May 29, 2022. It is One of the astronomical events of this monthbut you have to get up very early in the hope of enjoying it.

And it was in the light of dawn, about five in the morning, the conjunction of these two planets It can be seen, as stated by the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (IMCCE) In his newsletter. Mars and Jupiter can be seen in constellation Pisces, about 2h15 before sunrise Sun (Scheduled at 5:55 this Sunday.) And therefore , ” They can only be seen at the end of the night and at dawn IMCCE warns.

Two small points. // Source: Nino Barbey for Numerama

The moment of minimum separation between Mars and Jupiter occurs at midday. Since there is a sunrise, this most important convergence cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, the difference between this minimum distance and that seen before sunrise is so small that for the human eye, it does not change much.

Take out the binoculars to see Jupiter, which is “colored paper clips” surrounded by its moons

The naked eye is enough to take advantage of this phenomenon, but if you have an endoscope, you can also use it. With, you should even distinguish between the main moons of Jupiter: a pair of binoculars “ It will allow us to see that Jupiter is little white scraps, surrounded around 5 am by Ganymede and Europa on its left, Io and Callisto on its right ‘, confirms IMCC. Ownerstelescope or telescope Perhaps he is lucky enough to distinguish two parallel dark bands on Jupiter’s equator. Mars, however, is none other than small orange ball ‘, too small to discern the details on its surface.

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To realize the short distance between Mars and Jupiter, we can take the moon as a point of comparison. ” The distance between the two planets will be slightly greater than the diameter of the satellite visible in the sky Summarize the institute.

When you contemplate this closeness, keep in mind that Mars and Jupiter are actually very far away: Mars is 1.46 AU (about 218 million km) away from us, and Jupiter is 5.29 AU (about 791 million km) away.

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