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The common front of the professional system of microbiologists

The common front of the professional system of microbiologists

In fact, eight in ten Quebecers say they agree with the idea of ​​microbiologists being supervised by a professional system, according to a comprehensive CROP poll in which the Association of Microbiologists of Quebec (AMQ) participated. Support is being provided within the walls of the National Assembly of Quebec where all three opposition parties support this integration. Even the Minister responsible for enforcing professional laws, Ms. Sonia Lebel, said she was “open” in the response submitted to the National Assembly.

Eloquent characters and support illustrate the importance of prioritizing the supervision of microbiologists in this context From the Professional System Update Project launched this fall, especially with regard to the government health plan. It is time to take action to reduce the risk of real harm residents are currently suffering due to lack of supervision.

Overall, only 4% of participants said they disapproved of the supervision of microbiologists within the professional system. A large majority, 80%, supports such a measure that would reduce the risk of harm in relation to the practice of microbiology. The remaining 16% did not comment on this issue.

Tools to protect the public

Let us remember that by integrating the professional system into Quebec, microbiologists will find themselves subject to a code of conduct and mechanisms of accountability, evaluation and peer monitoring, in particular. The professional order also has the powers to fight usurpation of the title and punish charlatans. These are all tools and powers that will ensure the protection of the public.

Moreover, the government has all the necessary elements to move the file forward in this direction. It is now just a matter of the government’s political will, especially since Quebecers and three of the four parties in the National Assembly largely agree with that. this idea.

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Finally, note that the survey results also show that many Quebecers are familiar with the profession of microbiologist, while 71% of respondents have already heard of it and 29% have never heard of it before. This means that the pandemic has highlighted, especially in the media, our essential role in keeping the population healthy.

Quebecers recognize that action must be taken to ensure the safe practice of microbiology, which affects many areas of their daily lives.

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