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Resisting stigma in mental disability

Resisting stigma in mental disability

The ongoing stigma of people with mental disabilities in care pathways is a major concern.

The STIGMApro research program is committed to responding to this problem by creating a program to combat stigma in mental health practices in France.

Understanding stigma is an essential step

The first phase of the STIGMApro project focused on in-depth research aimed at understanding different aspects of stigma in professional mental health practices. In-depth investigations were conducted involving users and families of users diagnosed with schizophrenia. These surveys identified 15 concrete instances of stigma in mental health care, which then served as the basis for anti-stigma interventions.

Synthesizing international knowledge on stigma

A systematic review of the international literature was conducted to synthesize findings regarding the specific stigma of schizophrenia among mental health professionals and factors associated with it. These factors were then studied among mental health professionals in France, highlighting the variables most relevant to effective anti-stigma intervention.

Use of these data in the STIGMApro intervention

Identified variables, such as sense of professional usefulness, recovery-oriented practices, perceived similarities, and continuity approach, were incorporated into the STIGMApro intervention. The latter has been developed in collaboration with stakeholders in the field, including users, families, professionals, institutional decision-makers and associations.

Test and learn intervention

A pilot study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the STIGMApro intervention. The results made it possible to highlight positive aspects and modify the intervention accordingly.

The STIGMApro program is positioned as a critical initiative to dismantle the stigma associated with psychological disability in mental health practices in France. By combining participatory research, co-production and principles of scientific evidence-based practice, this program aims to bring about tangible and lasting changes in mental health care.

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