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Thailand to implement measures to prepare for the settlement phase

The Center for Covid-19 Case Management (CCSA) will prioritize the implementation of measures to prepare for the transition to the endemic phase of Covid.

According to the recent meeting of the Central Coordination Committee, chaired by the Secretary General of the National Security Council (NSC), General Sopot Malanium, cases of COVID-19 are declining, while the number of deaths has stabilized.

The Covid-19 alert level in all counties is currently at level 3, but it will likely be lowered to level 2 next week.

An important CCSA meeting is scheduled for June 17.

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The CCSA is also preparing measures to ensure public health safety, as it plans to relax prevention measures in the coming weeks.

The CCSA and the Ministry of Public Health will prioritize the implementation of comprehensive prevention measures and universal vaccination (2U).

The 3Por procedure will also be implemented (enough beds, enough medicines, enough medical staff), focusing on vaccination and boosters for more than 60% of the “608” group, in addition to ensuring proper beds, medicines, vaccines and medical personnel to provide effective and efficient services.

Regarding vaccination issues, the Ministry of Public Health said it has distributed vaccines to local health promotion hospitals and will also hold vaccination promotional events.

In addition, public health officials have expressed concern about a slowdown in vaccination, especially among the elderly, of whom only 45.1% have been vaccinated, against the ministry’s target of 60%.

Participants in the meeting also urged the relevant authorities to ensure that educational institutions and entertainment venues strictly adhere to infection prevention measures to avoid new infections.

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source : Thailand National News Bureau