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Paris: Rodin Museum opens a space for young people

Paris: Rodin Museum opens a space for young people

The Rodin Museum gives center stage to the creativity of emerging artists and opens, from June 11 to August 28, a new space dedicated to discovering art and sculpture through practice.

This summer will be marked by curiosity and creativity! The proposed path, without mediation, allows for an intuitive and independent exploration of the senses. Be active in your discovery of sculpture. After the reception area, parents and children plunge into the imagination of Auguste Rodin and into the world of a real sculptor’s workshop. Draw, mute, read, play, get hands-on… 4 creative spaces are designated to help you easily find your directions and change your activities: touch, manipulate and group, relax and read, and draw and color.

Experience modeling and encountering the third dimension, pretending to sculpt and immortalizing yourself by photographing yourself, manipulating the sculptor’s materials and tools, freely drawing memories of your visit to the museum, discovering assembling joys as the artist used them in his creations, or, simply, resting while listening to a podcast or reading, there are many Suggestions that will allow you to live the full experience and enjoy.

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