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Texas erects a floating barrier on the Rio Grande to deter immigrants

Texas erects a floating barrier on the Rio Grande to deter immigrants

This bill, presented Thursday by the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, provides for the installation of large floating buoys on the river to deter these immigrants, nicknamed in Spanish for Mojada Espaldas (wet back), to try to cross.

This install starts todayOn Friday, the governor announced through his Twitter account that he had posted pictures of trucks carrying large orange buoys.

The Rio Grande, which originates in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado before crossing New Mexico and Texas to empty into the Gulf of Mexico, serves as the natural and international border between the United States and Mexico for nearly 2,000 km.

In Mexico, it is called Rio Bravo. It is also governed by the treaties between these two countries.

These buoys will prevent people from approaching the border. And this process begins more or less immediately. »

Quote from Greg Abbott, Republican Governor of Texas

For his part, Steve Macro, Director of the Department Responsible for Public Safety, explained during this conference that the system aims to deter migrants from attempting to cross and drowning. This project will be deployed at a distance of approximately 300 meters at an altitude of a crossing point called Eagle pass.

Gov. Greg Abbott regularly accuses Democratic President Joe Biden of not taking action to prevent waves of immigrants from arriving from Mexico. He announced that he would take action himself.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (file photo)

Photo: Getty Images/Brandon Bell

The project was challenged in court

The US federal administration did not immediately respond to the announcement, but a local entrepreneur took the initiative on Saturday to try to block the measure.

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Jesse Fuentes, ownerEpi’s Canoe and Kayak Teamthe company that privately organizes kayak tours, has taken legal action, Because the site planned for the installation of these floats is exactly the place where he organizes his activities and this will affect themHis lawyer, Carlos Flores, told AFP.

According to him, the ruler is not efficient This type of installation requires federal permission.

For his part, the governor responded on Twitter that the state of Texas has The constitutional right to defend its borders.