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International march for Haiti in 58 countries

International march for Haiti in 58 countries

In mid-June, Rev. Gregory Toussaint announced the organization of an international march entitled “Souv Bo Ayiti” in the cities of 58 countries, with the aim of calling for peace in Haiti.

The march will take place in cities of 58 countries around the world, including Canada, Chile, Brazil, the United States and others, and in several cities in the ten departments of Haiti despite the insecurity, said Rev. Toussaint, titleholder of Glory Temple Church USA and CEO of Shekinah Radio.

According to the pastor, the event must to welcome 250,000 participants in several major cities around the world where the Haitian diaspora lives, particularly in all 50 states of the United States.

“This mobilization has several goals: to show the international community that the Haitian diaspora knows its strength and can use its good offices for the benefit of Haiti, to participate in a national solution and then to demand that President Joe Biden’s government continue the humanitarian programme,” he explained.

The priest believes that it is up to Haitians to fight for the change they want to see in the country, emphasizing the The main role that expatriates can play in hHaitian women and Christians in this struggle.

“It’s usually ordinary citizens who bring about changes, not elites who prefer the status quo. The civil rights movement in the United States began with Rosa Parks, a seamstress, a Christian,” believes Gregory Toussaint who adds that if Haiti can’t put pressure on the United States, Canada and France , the Haitian diaspora can.

Walk Will Bo Ayti.

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In the Dominican Republic, the International March for Peace in Haiti was announced with great fanfare on Sunday 9 July. Dominican priest John Henry Santana confirmed the news during a press appearance on Thursday.

Indeed, Haitians, including priests, Christians and other ordinary citizens, will first gather at the intersection of 27 de Febrero Avenue and Manuel de Jesús Troncoso Street to begin the march that will continue on other avenues in the national area, according to reports. listening diary.

In addition, the Dominican priest made it clear that there would be no question of dealing with immigration issues in the Dominican Republic. “We will not ask for anything related to the Dominican Republic,” he added.