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Julie Snyder in Embarrassment: A compromising photo goes viral

Julie Snyder in Embarrassment: A compromising photo goes viral

A picture that embarrasses Julie Snyder…

– Noovo’s BIG BOSS sees its lead animator, Mary Lynn Jonkas, make a huge mistake.

– JUG error.

– The Journal de Montreal evidently took the opportunity to mock the two women.

The occasion was more than a mockery of rival station TVA.

– Ouch…

Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.

Talk to Julie Snyder’s ex.

– Pierre Carl Belladue laughing to tears…

– Here is the edition of the Journal de Montreal that captures Mary Lynn Joncas…without any mercy…

A photo of Marie-Lynn Joncas, taken in Germany, sparked controversy on social media.

In the snapshot that the comedian and host posted in recent days on Facebook, we can see her leaning against one of the memorial plaques for the murdered Jews of Europe, in Berlin.

“A serious picture. But loaded,” she wrote in the caption, before specifying that she was about to go see Harry Styles in concert.

On Reddit, Mary Lynn Joncas’ post does not pass. Some users particularly criticize it for its lack of consideration and respect for the victims of the Holocaust.

She has since deleted her post.

Other disagreements

This is not the first time that photographs of tourists taken at Holocaust memorial sites have sparked outrage.

Tourists standing on the tracks leading to the former Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland regularly make headlines. Even the Auschwitz memorial had to plead with tourists for propriety earlier this year.

So think twice (or even thrice) the next time you want to take a picture of yourself in a place with a heavy past…