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Telegram has created an all-new social experience to dread video calls from 1,000 people – Marseille News

Just a few days ago, we got our hands on the latest Telegram beta, adding screen sharing, video speed controls, and new options for clearing chat history. If you’re running this version only to find that it has some bugs, you’re in luck. Telegram 7.9 is already making its way to users today, and it has all these experimental features and more.

This update is busy, with a clear focus on improving everything related to video in the app. Both group video calls and video messaging have been upgraded to “2.0” status, with the former adding up to 1,000 viewers in a call with 30 simultaneous broadcasts. Telegram is threatening to keep raising that limit so everyone on earth can join a single call, and we’re starting to think that’s a serious claim. For video messages, they are now saved in a higher resolution with the option to touch to expand.

Screen sharing is the other major plus here, as it works with audio from your device on all video calls, including individual calls. The AP’s Rita El Khoury had some problems getting the feature to work consistently in this week’s beta, so hopefully all of her bugs will be fixed for this release.

Some of the other plugins complement the video-centric elements. The playback speed is there – another option that debuted in this week’s beta – and so are the Quick Copy timestamp links, allowing for quick and easy sharing of any timecode.

It’s far from the only new content, of course. Telegram’s Android app captures a neat animation for sending messages, which was initially added to the iOS client in a previous update. If you use a password, it also provides improved animations for smoother transitions between displays. Speaking of which, password resets and two-factor authentication both get some improvements, with options to recover your account even without a recovery email address. All that, plus auto-delete options for discussion threads and some new animated emojis for good measure.

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This update is undoubtedly a big one, so be sure to head over to Telegram’s full patch notes to see it all in action. Download the latest version of the app using the Play Store link below, or install the latest APK from APK Mirror.


Fixed screen sharing details.