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Thirty-five positions are in the process of being eliminated at RDS

Thirty-five positions are in the process of being eliminated at RDS

Thirty-five positions in the Sports Network Technical Department (RDS) will be eliminated as of August 31, a situation denounced by the Sports Network Technical Department Employees Union (SERDS-CSN).

Union members met in a general meeting on Tuesday to discuss the options on the table.

“Nearly two-thirds of our members were present. They are angry and, above all, they have the impression that they are forced to act in a film whose script was written a long time ago, without being able to participate in writing the script,” said union president Maryse Lozier.

Unionized employees then voted 65% in favor of holding a discussion with the employer in order to find common ground.

The collective agreement for these workers, which was approved a year and a half ago, led to the creation of 25 new positions.

The restructuring at Bell was announced last February. “RDS technicians informed us on Monday that 35 jobs would be affected,” Katia Dionne, senior director of public relations and partnerships at Bell Media, explained via email.

“No departures will take place before August 31, and in the meantime, we will work with the union to mitigate the impact on our team members by providing training options, voluntary severance packages and eliminating vacant positions where possible,” she explained.

This announcement comes at a difficult time for the media. For Annick Charette, President of the National Federation of Communication and Culture (FNCC-CSN), governments must take action to put an end to this problem.

“It doesn't stop, the staff reduction announcements. Today, it's RDS. Tomorrow, who will it be?” she insisted.

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