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"He had to give it back...": Celine Dion's betrayal?  This good you did not get back...

“He had to give it back…”: Celine Dion’s betrayal? This good you did not get back…

Those who are lucky enough to visit the Adele Palace in California can attest: the Briton is a big fan of him Celine Dion. So much so that in her living room she displays a closed frame … chewing gum with an interpreter My heart will go on ! I received a “gift” from a host, who apparently lied to Quebec.

On Instagram, Adele shared the video of her survey done with Vogue magazine – On the occasion of the release of his new disc, which he carried solo easy for me Inside, she revealed that her most valuable possession is Celine Dion’s gum. “James Corden, a friend of mine who runs Carpool Karaoke [diffusé pendant The Late Late Show sur la chaîne américaine CBS, NDLR]He did the show with her, he knew how much I liked him, so he had her spit his gums into a piece of paper and framed it for me.She said.

Enjoying this somewhat disgusting tale, Celine Dion reacted on social networks. The singer replied:cheerful! …. But JKCordenlatelateshow was supposed to give it back to Celine… She likes to chew while singing It all comes back to me now. Whatever we like easy for me And we can’t wait to hear about your new Adele album!Although he was betrayed by the host who hid his true intentions, the singer does not hold that against him.

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