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Susie Villeneuve: “It was the journey I had to take to feel complete”

Susie Villeneuve: “It was the journey I had to take to feel complete”

Susie Villeneuve launched the first part of her new album on Tuesday at Piccolo Studios From head to heartfor the first time as a singer and songwriter.

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This is a project she has been working on for a long time, and which also completes the trilogy she began in recent years with her conference exhibition and book, both of the same name.

More confident and liberated, the 40-year-old singer admitted, in an interview with QMI, that she had long been haunted by the fact of giving up her passion, trying to do something else to earn a living, all of which saw a huge abyss growing inside her.

“It’s finally a return to the heart of who I am, to the music that inspired many of the songs on this album,” she explained then.

“I left music, I was doing several things and I was still searching for myself. “I felt like I had a big void inside me, and at some point, I had to do some cleaning, with help of course, but removing the dust, the whole carpet, it was the music that came back.” always. Little by little she started writing little by little and rediscovered the joy of singing in her car,” narrated the singer.

This transformation in her life began in 2016. “It has been a journey for me to feel complete,” she said inspiringly.

Simple album

Writing has certainly been a saving grace for Susie Villeneuve. It is also easier for her to write her own songs than to entrust herself to a composer responsible for doing so. It only took him 5, 10, or even 15 minutes to write the majority of his song lyrics.

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“When it’s hard, it’s because I’m not in the right place,” she added with a laugh, leaning back on one of the sofas at Piccolo Studios.

His new works clearly reflect his introspective journey and learning in recent years, particularly this piece A message to my angelWhich was written to his son Edward W way togetherwhich evokes the commitment of a couple and family, but also the sense of freedom she feels during her mountain bike adventures.

The singer also covers the piece in my way by Diane Juster, who also agreed to provide the piano score, although she initially declined the offer.

Christmas and Star Academy

A great lover of the magic of the holiday season – her tree has been in the making for 1 yearany November – Susie Villeneuve will enjoy singing the national anthem All I want for Christmas is youduring the tour Christmas tradition in song Which will start at the end of the month in Saguenay.

Then in January, it will be in theaters And it’s not over, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first release of Tele-hook, will be on tour in Montreal and Quebec. After rallying the first former academics to the song From dream to realityLast year, Susie Villeneuve was impatient to participate in the show and was still anxious to be seen wearing it.

“I would never have gone forward with this idea, an overnight bubble, before. Getting my brothers and sisters from the academy together last November was an amazing experience. And to see that everyone is ready to rebuild the Bell Center is absolutely crazy,” she said.

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Album From head to heart Available on listening platforms. the offer Christmas tradition in song He will be on tour until December 23rd. For all dates, click here:

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