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Qc Scoop loses its web provider after another controversy

Qc Scoop loses its web provider after another controversy

Gossip website Qc Scoop is linked to another controversy that today cost it its contract with its web provider, H&L media agency.

It’s not singer Alicia Moffitt who is worried this time about this new development. Rather, he is a finalist voice It was revealed during the 2019 season aired on TVA by Rafael Roy that she claims her privacy was violated during her recent hospital stay.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

Qc Scoop, which made a name for itself during the influencers’ controversial plane trip to Tulum, reported that Rafael Roy was seen under police guard in the corridor of a hospital centre. He added that it did not appear that she was fasting. The photos taken by an anonymous witness were sent to Qc Scoop, which published an article without getting feedback from the main stakeholder.

However, Rafael Roy responded on Instagram that she was in the presence of police officers because she asked for help. She says she “suffered in silence for a long time.”[t] Need help at that time. She explained that she had not eaten anything.

Many public figures showed their affection and support for Rafael Roy. This is particularly the case with Simone Boulerice, Véronique Cloutier, Olivier Dion, Marie-Lynne Juncas, Alicia Moffet, and Christelle Monjou. “How many lives affected, how many shattered families will it take?” Veronique Cloutier wrote.

A business relationship has ended

H&L Media President Marc Ouimet declined to answer QMI’s questions on Tuesday, referring us to a press release published by his company earlier.

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In it, H&L Media says it is withdrawing as a supplier and business partner of Qc Scoop.

“Following numerous posts by Qc Scoop in the past, including yesterday’s post, H&L Media inc. Qc Scoop has made the decision that it is time to end its business relationship with Qc Scoop, and therefore shut down its version of Inc. H&L Media is an agency that provides turnkey web services to clients so they can manage and monetize their website(s) with their own content. […] “The permanent termination of our agreement with Qc Scoop reflects our continued commitment to our core values,” the company wrote.

At the end of the afternoon, in an email exchange, Mr. Ouimet specified that Qc Scoop “should be officially closed by us in the next few hours.”


No response from Scoop QC

Qc Scoop also did not respond to QMI’s interview request, particularly via its founder Simon Waddell, but the site attempted to backtrack after sparking controversy by apologizing to Raphael Roy.

“After publishing our last article [sic] At Rafaëlle Roy, we want to take two minutes to publicly apologize to her and those around her. Sometimes the line between what’s worth and what’s not worth putting online is very thin, but this time it was big. We are not excellent [sic]“And this is proof of that,” we wrote on Instagram.

a A petition has also been launched to demand the closure of Qc Sccop. It had been signed by nearly 10,700 as of Tuesday afternoon.

If you need help, resources are here to listen to you: Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the end of the line: 1 866 APPELLE (1 866 277-3553).

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