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Michel Charette praises his wife!

Michel Charette praises his wife!

Michael Sharett We’ve been invited to Mar-Lyne’s Fabulous Spring and we’re treated to some sweet secrets.

In fact, the actor who captivated in the host Mary Lynn Joncas During the interview, he took the opportunity to pay tribute to his wife, Marie-Claude, with whom he has shared his life for 20 years now and to whom he owes a portion of his career.

Mary Lynn asks him: “Do you often say that if you have such a wonderful career, it is thanks to your friend?”

“Yes,” Michel admits.

Mary Lynn asks: “What have I done for you concretely?”

“Well, concretely, I’d say I’ve done 11 years of dailies, so it’s quite demanding. These are unusual hours, I haven’t been there much (…) My girlfriend, at one point, said: We had no children to take care of and other people to take care of. I am willing to put my career on hold so you can thrive and do yours. Me, I will take care of the family and the children until they start school“.

And after several years as a stay-at-home mom, her wife finally decided to go back to school, at the age of 46!

“She returned to study full time, in law, at the University of Sherbrooke, at the age of 46,” he proudly adds of his sweetheart’s achievement!

A life partner who also pushed him to be better… and better.

“She is an extraordinary girl. Honestly, I’m lucky, she changed my life (…) It was at one point that she said to me: You are not well, go for a consultation, go see someone to help you. She always pushes me in the back so I can end up working out,” he ends up loving Michelle.

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It’s beautiful love, isn’t it?

Long life for the couple!