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The Archambault store on Berri Street is closing

Archambault’s iconic department store, located at the corner of Berri and Sainte-Catherine Est, in Montreal, will close permanently next summer.

The company, which made this announcement to its employees on Friday, indicates that it can no longer ignore the commercial prospects that have been less and less favorable for Place Émilie-Gamelin. “The vast construction sites that proliferate in the sector have significant impacts that must be taken into account when evaluating the future of storefront retail,” a statement said.

The Archambault Group believes that consumer habits have changed and that it is no longer possible to guarantee profitable operations, despite the investments made in recent years. Thirty employees will find themselves out of work, said the union, which regrets this closure.

What future for the Archambault brand?

The company stated that it will not request the removal of the legendary store sign when the branch is closed. Remember, this important symbol of Montreal’s urban heritage was removed in 2018 before being reinstalled in the face of public pressure. The Quebecor Corporation, which had become the owner of the building at the time, became the owner of this iconic plaque and ensured that it would ensure its preservation.

The business, which began in 1896, will remain open until June 30.

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