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Steven Spielberg praises Dune 2 and Denis Villeneuve

Steven Spielberg praises Dune 2 and Denis Villeneuve

Visionary director Steven Spielberg praised Denis Villeneuve's work in the film Sand dunes : Part twowhich has already crossed the $500 million mark in global box office receipts since its release less than a month ago.

boss Encounters of the third kind (1977) and And the foreigner (1982) spoke with the Quebec filmmaker on the podcast The director snappedproduced by the Directors Guild of America (DGA). You've made one of the most amazing sci-fi movies I've ever seensummed up Steven Spielberg when he talked about it Sand dunes : Part two.

He continued: “It's a visually epic film, and it's also filled with very rich characters.” But the dialogue is very sparse for the length of the film. It really is cinema. The sequences are very aesthetically pleasing, but there's nothing pretentious.

In the tradition of Kubrick, Lucas and Nolan

At the beginning of the podcast, Steven Spielberg also emphasized that Denis Villeneuve was one of the rare directors who can be proud to be World buildersa list he says includes Georges Méliès, Walt Disney, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and Guillermo del Toro.