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Steve Jobs' daughter publicly mocks the latest iPhone

Steve Jobs’ daughter publicly mocks the latest iPhone

On her Instagram account, the youngest daughter of Steve Jobs shared a meme mocking the low level of innovation in the latest iPhones. A severe blow to the apple brand image?

It’s a fun meme, appearing regularly with every new iPhone release (or every Fifa video game release): the image of a man proudly undoing a new T-shirt matching the one he’s wearing. Noting “I’m upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14,” the post has something to smile about.

But at Apple headquarters, we may have been upset to learn that the joke had been shared by the youngest daughter of Steve Jobs, the sacred guru of American business. Perhaps less criticism of his father’s legacy than a simple joke from the smartphone consumer, but the post is still going around the planet, when Apple – with its usual big block – just revealed the new iPhone 14 features.

This includes a new camera, a longer battery, and emergency calling.

Enthusiastic geeks watch the annual event closely for a glimpse into the tech game, but also by investors trying to predict whether the upgrades will be interesting enough to spark a buying frenzy.

Moreover, prior to being shared by Eve Jobs, the popular meme was first circulated on the Instagram accounts of investors and parodies of the financial world, such as Wall Street Memes.

Eve Jobs, a model and lady jockey, generally uses her Instagram to provide updates on her career, such as a glimpse of her appearance on the cover of Vogue Japan.

Steve Jobs, the legendary Apple CEO who oversaw some of the greatest advances in phones and personal computers, died in 2011 of cancer at the age of 56.

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