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STAT Producer Defends His Series Against Critics

Michel Trudeau, Producer STAT, Very active on social media.

Since the daily news has just landed on ICI Télé’s radio broadcasts, it receives a number of criticisms, particularly over some inconsistencies. Moreover, production responded thus For the Internet user who criticized this fact.

Michel Trudeau, for his part, took the time to discuss with viewers. In particular, this responded to a netizen who found that there are similarities between New Amsterdam And the STAT:

Then he said this to someone else who found the series to be expected:

He also shared this to a woman who was critical of many backsliding:

Michel Trudeau also responded to someone who commented on the implausibility of the series:

We must say that the product has a sense of humor.

To a viewer asked him on Monday evening: “ worst? Which series are the best? “,” It is clear that talking about the classifications between STAT And the UndefensibleMichel Trudeau answers this:

select it STAT Won the rating race with 1.3 million viewers versus 1.1 million for Inarrows.

Discover here the mystery behind the name of the hospital in STAT.

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