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Haitian journalists in Australia predicted the match between Haiti and England

Haitian journalists in Australia predicted the match between Haiti and England

Women’s World Cup: Haitian journalists on Australian soil predict the match between the national team and England.

The ninth edition of the Women’s World Cup began on Thursday, July 20, 2023. Haiti enter the tournament tomorrow against defending European champions England at 5:30 am. For the first time, the country will be playing its first World Cup in this category. Five Haitian journalists who wanted to immortalize this moment traveled to Australia to cover this planetary event and followed the national selection. The letter Juno7 Interviewed three of them (Jeanty Junior Augustin, Marie Sofonie Louis and Steven Aristil) who predicted tomorrow’s match and among others their favorite countries to win the match.

On their predictions for the Haiti v England match

Marie Sofoni Lewis, who covers online media Trip Foumi, said tomorrow’s encounter will be difficult for Haiti. However, he hopes for a surprise on the side of the Haitian team. “I want us to score really early,” he said.

VOA’s special correspondent, Jeanty Junior Augustin, knows that England has a much stronger team than Haiti, while recalling that it is the European champion and has all the qualifications to win the tournament. However, the photojournalist, who likes to behave like a countryman and a die-hard fan of the selection, is convinced of our Grenadiers’ victory over the English ogre.

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As for Steven Aristol, the photojournalist who covers the world for McHaity, on paper he gives the England team his favourite. On the other hand, he expects a Haitian equal to the Moroccan team that created a surprise and impressed everyone in Qatar.

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Australia’s World Cup fever

On World Fever, three journalists reveal that there is no joy in the streets to make it seem like there is actually a World Cup on. “Brisbane is the city where Haiti will play its first game, and if you don’t pay close attention, you won’t notice that the city is hosting a World Cup. She’s quiet,” noted Steven Aristle.

“There is no World Cup fever,” said Marie Sofoni Lewis. “Sèl nan espas FIFA yo ak ti afich Nan Lari. Menm nan aevobo o pa ve gran sos”, he added.

Jeanty Jr. Augustine made the same observation. “If you come to Australia for another job, you don’t know if the World Cup is there. I thought the town would be more happy,” he said, wondering if it was because of the women’s world.

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Favorites in their competition

However, fellow journalists have made their favorite teams to win this ninth Women’s World Cup.
Spain is a favorite for Sofoni.
Steven Aristil believes the Americans will be crowned champions again, but believes France, Germany and England will hold their cards to play in the tournament.
Jeanty Jr. Augustine believes the United States are the defending champions and England, the recent European champions.

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