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Sri Lanka sends its last unwanted waste back to the UK

Sri Lanka sends its last unwanted waste back to the UK


Officials say the waste that Sri Lanka received in the past years and the toxic waste that was smuggled have finally returned to the United Kingdom.

Forty-five containers docked at the Port of Colombo bound for the United Kingdom. This is the last of 243 containers to arrive in Sri Lanka with fraudulent exports between 2017 and 2019.

A local company said it really wanted to import waste from Great Britain, recycle it and resell it. But instead of the old mattresses, rugs or carpets that were announced, customs actually found medical waste from hospitals, including human remains. The case caused a great deal of controversy.

An association for the protection of the environment in Great Britain has lodged a complaint and received a refund from the sender of the waste.

According to Sri Lankan Customs, the containers were brought into the country in violation of international law regarding the transfer of toxic waste.

Many Asian countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, have in recent years returned junk bins to their home countries, mostly rich countries.

With this caveat: we are not your trash can.

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