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Choosing the Right Enterprise Web Development Company for Your Company    

Today, owners of various types of business, whether it be any services, manufacture of products or trade and commercial activities, set themselves the goal of moving to online platforms as well. This will allow them to reach a wider audience and cover not only their hometown or country, but the whole world. To implement this idea, first you need to find an enterprise web development company that owns all the necessary physical resources and technical base.

To understand the criteria for searching and selecting an performer to create an e-commerce website, you need to decide on the goals of the future online resource, get acquainted with the types of web developers, and then go directly to the analysis of the criteria for choosing a suitable company. Now let’s talk about everything in order.

Objectives and goals of the website

The customer may not understand how a digital commerce site is created; a team of professionals will do everything for him. But he should know about the goals and objectives of his web resource. This is not the responsibility of the developer. No matter how competent he may be, he will decide this issue for the owner of the site. In fact, everything is simple here. First you need to understand that the site is created primarily to attract customers, sell the product and increase business profits. So, speaking about the goals of the site, we are talking about its structure and type. It could be:

  1. Business card site – no more than 5 pages and the most concise presentation of the topic.
  2. Corporate website – created to display the idea of ​​the company, its proposals for customers and displays its image.
  3. Promo site – gives information about a specific product or upcoming event.
  4. Showcase – provides complete information about the brand’s products.
  5. An online store is a platform with a catalog of goods that can be purchased directly through the site.
  6. A portfolio is a presentation of an individual or entity.
  7. Single-page website – a site consisting of one page, which indicates the most important information about a specialist or company.
  8. News or blog – regularly adding up-to-date information on a topic.
  9. Portal – it is complex in its structure and is divided into multiple blocks.
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Once the type of site required for development is selected, you can go through the thematic portals to get acquainted with their type, appearance, categories, headings, content, and everything that you would like to see on your personal site.

Choosing a Website Developer: Types of Specialists

After the decision to hire a website development company is made, the question arises of which specialist is suitable. There are four main solutions to this issue and these are:

  1. Contact a freelancer. It can be one remote employee or a group of 2-4 people. Freelancers usually take on simple projects that they complete on a single CMS.
  2. Find a web studio This is a group of people from 5 to 20 people. They will do an excellent job with the technical part of the work, but their duties do not include analytics. They work under standard contracts.
  3. Hire an IT company. The assistance of a whole team is provided – from 22 to 100 specialists, each of which is responsible for a specific task. Typically, such companies are hired to create ERP and CRM projects, as well as websites on innovative technologies.
  4. Contact a digital agency. This is an opportunity to get a website from scratch. A team of employees will provide a full range of services, including analytics. The company employs from 50 to 200 people.

The choice depends on the budget and the urgency of creating a site. It goes without saying that companies with their impressive staff of employees will cope with the work many times faster than freelancers or a web studio.

TOP-6 criteria for choosing a company to create a website

After the decision has been made that it is most advantageous to contact a specialized company for the development of the site, you can proceed directly to the selection of one candidate from a variety of offers on the service market. The following tips will help you cope with the task:

  1. Consider development quality. If you want to get a high-quality finished product, you will need a professional company. How to understand what exactly is in front of you? To do this, you need to pay attention to the portfolio. If the past works are stylish, modern and they take into account the latest trends that prevail in the world of e-commerce products, then this is a clear proof of professionalism. It is also good if the company has websites with high traffic. This means that the work of the company is of high quality and interesting.
  2. Compliance with work deadlines. It is especially important if you need to get a ready site urgently or by a specific date. Here you need to talk with representatives of the company and discuss with them how much it takes them to complete a particular job. Naturally, the deadline period is discussed and, as a rule, it is very significant not only for the client, but also for the company itself, because upon completion, the customer receives the finished work, and the company’s specialists can move on to a new deal to create online resources with a new customer and take on a new one. project.
  3. Transparent terms of the deal. This applies to a greater extent to the contract and payment. It is necessary to clarify before the start of the development of the site what exactly will be included in the cost and make sure that there will be no additional costs in the process. It often happens that the calculation is not carried out at the initial stage and as it is completed, the developers present the customer with more and more new requirements for additional costs. An inexperienced client will not be able to check whether the money is really needed and what they are going for. To avoid such unpleasant incidents, you can ask the company to conduct a calculation before starting work and after it is completed. In this case, the amount will not change much, because all the stages and costs will already be included in it.
  4. The price must be reasonable. Even if the first calculation does not allow you to hear the exact amount, but the client will understand his price range. If his amount does not suit him, he will be able to ask what services they can provide him, based on his budget. For example, you can vary the budget based on the ordered services – add something, and remove something.
  5. It is worth talking closely with the employees of the company. At the beginning of cooperation, it is difficult to say what communication will be like in the future and whether the client will find a common language with the performers. To make sure that everything will be fine and that the specialists will listen to the requests and wishes of the customer, you can communicate more closely with the team. Another positive thing is if the contractor offers the client a project management methodology, when he can go to the online document and see which stages have already been completed and what remains to be done.
  6. Make sure there are guarantees. This increases the credibility of the company and the client’s confidence that he will receive a quality product.
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So, if you need offshore web development, and you know exactly what type of online resource you need, what specific goals and objectives it should solve, then you can safely proceed to the selection of a company. And the above practical recommendations will help you do it quickly and efficiently.