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Sports |  Australia: Federal court rejects Novak Djokovic's appeal for expulsion

Sports | Australia: Federal court rejects Novak Djokovic’s appeal for expulsion

By La Provence (with AFP)

An Australian federal court on Sunday rejected an appeal against the deportation of Novak Djokovic, which was ordered by the world’s number one government. Not vaccinated against Govit-19, A “Health riskThe decision, reached unanimously by three judges of the court, will definitely bury the 34-year-old Serbian’s hope of winning his 21st Grand Slam title during the Australian Open, which starts on Monday. At the place where he was placed on Saturday, Djokovic continued the four-hour-long interrogation online from his lawyers’ offices in Melbourne.

The decision of the court, announced by its chairman James Allsop, was that in principle the player could not compete and was forced to leave Australia immediately with possible long-term consequences for his life. In his petitions filed in court on Saturday, Immigration Minister Alex Hawk argued that Djokovic was in the country. “Can represent a health risk“. According to him, she is encouraging.”Vaccine resistanceAnd as the Omicron variant spreads fast across the country, Australians may be prevented from getting their booster shots.

“Internal unrest”

The champion’s presence in Australia is even possible Internal unrest will lead to uprising, The Minister further said. Although Djokovic describes the danger of polluting Australians. “Ignoreable“,” The minister estimated.Contempt“Enforcing the health rules against Kovit is a bad example.“Irrational“,”Irrational“And”Unfair“.

Government “Mr. It is unclear what Djokovic’s views are“Attorney Nick Wood pleaded never publicly supported his client’s anti – vaccine campaign. Attorney General Stephen Lloyd responded that he had not been vaccinated until about two years after the outbreak, and that he had repeatedly neglected his health. By failing, it became sufficient evidence for his position.

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Novak Djokovic was detained when he arrived in Australia on January 5 and was remanded in administrative custody for the first time. The player, who contracted Govt-19 in December, hoped to be exempt from entering the country without the vaccine, but officials did not accept this explanation. The Australian government suffered a humiliating setback on January 10 when a judge stopped Djokovic’s deportation, restored his visa and ordered his immediate release. But the immigration minister staged a protest on Friday and revoked his visa for a second time on Friday under his discretion. “Causes of hygiene and public orderAfter the trial, on Sunday, Djokovic was taken to the Park Hotel, which is now the world-famous rigorous detention center for illegal immigrants, who now only have to board the plane that will take him home. In a statement released on Wednesday, the tennis player admitted that he had incorrectly filled out his notice to enter Australia.


The 86-time ATP winner was spotted in Serbia and Spain two weeks before his arrival, contrary to what he said on the immigration form when he arrived. “Human error“This twisty soap opera took place in one country, and its people have endured some of the world’s toughest anti – Govt restrictions for almost two years, and elections are scheduled for May. So a political environment.IncompetenceBy the labor opposition.

The Djokovic affair is being actively pursued in Serbia, where “Knoll” is considered a national player. Friday, President Alexander Vuிக்i Australia was blamed.Misconduct“.