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Spike in UK cases not matched by increase in hospital admissions

Spike in UK cases not matched by increase in hospital admissions

The UK has been facing a third wave of Govt-19 since early June due to delta variation or the widespread spread of “Indian”. It is estimated that there are 60% more infections than the “English” variant (renamed alpha), Delta represents 95% of the cases filed in June. However, hospitals are not filling up at the same pace as the second wave that occurred in the winter: on June 26, 2021, there were 14 hospital admissions per 1,000 infections, and on January 12, at the peak of the second wave, the rate was 101 hospitals per 1,000 contaminants. Considering even the ten to fifteen day delay between the increase in new cases and the hospitalization, the number of patients expected in the hospital must have been very high.

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This explanation lies in the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign conducted across the channel “Fewer than one in ten hospital admissions due to two-dose vaccination due to delta variation”, Welcome to the British Ministry of Health. In early July, 84% of UK adults received at least one dose 63% two-dose vaccine – One-third with Pfizer vaccine and two-thirds with AstraZeneca.

This British discovery was confirmed by the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA). Marco Cavalleri, head of its vaccination strategy, said ThursdayThere is July, that “Data from solid sources show that the two-dose vaccine protects against delta variation” With “Four vaccines approved in the European Union”.

According to UK government data, Two-dose vaccines are only 55% to 71% effective in preventing delta variant infections (which explains why contaminants continue to rise) but are 90% effective in preventing hospitalization and 96% effective in reducing mortality.

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The UK government is showing confidence in the vaccine campaign Do not want to postpone “Independence Day” (“Independence Day” is the last time health restrictions will be lifted in the country). Set for July 19, it was previously scheduled for June 21, but was postponed due to an outbreak of the disease.