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The French no longer wanted to do anything

The French no longer wanted to do anything

It is not possible for information to react across the channel. Publication, Friday, November 11, by the Jean-James Foundation and IFOB, a Study on “The Laziness Epidemic”. Not missedto attract attention Daily Telegraph.

This opinion poll showed that there is an epidemic of Covid-19 It permanently changed the way of life of the French, their mode of consumption, and it made them value leisure more. It also caused great fatigue: 45% of those questioned were less willing to leave their homes than before. Almost one in three French people experience a loss of motivation.

A particularly striking piece of information is the following: For thirty years the value of “work” has fallen in France. Thirty years ago, 60% of French people said work “very important” in their lives. Today they are only 24%. This drop of 36 points is more marked than the value of “Religion” or “Politics”. Leisure time and the time given to personal life are experiencing the opposite evolution: two out of three employees are willing to spend more leisure time and less work.

“New Heights”

“Famous for their sanctimoniously long holidays, their extended lunches and their 35-hour week, the French had an enviable reputation for successfully juggling work and pleasure”, Comment on it Daily TelegraphContinued: “But in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the French public’s view of work-life balance has reached new heights, as new research shows that more and more French people are finding it. ‘laziness’ Even to work, to go out and see people.”

barriers, partial unemployment and Telecommunication This trend has been reinforced, according to the conservative London Daily, which establishes a direct link between this slowdown and difficulties in recruiting in some sectors: “This loss of motivation is obvious, as evidenced by this Severe labor shortage In different sectors: from hotels and restaurants to transport, but also the education and hospital sector. for that telegraph, It is eloquent to note the appearance of political figures in this context – such as ecologist Associate Sandrin Rousseau – “The Right to Laziness”.