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South Africa: A farmer kills a lioness who escaped from a pickup truck

A lioness, who was traveling in the back of a pickup truck in South Africa but slid away from the moving vehicle, was spotted and shot dead by a farmer armed with a shotgun on Friday, local authorities said.

On Wednesday, a black breeder loaded a male and a female into the car to take them to one of the animal reserves in the northwest of the country, which has a large number of them.

Along the way, he stops to look at his cargo and then sees that the lioness has disappeared.

A wild animal hunt has been conducted for the past two days. Authorities, aided by a helicopter, said they were “concerned about the loss of life”.

“A local farmer shot the lioness after seeing her roaming near a populated area” Friday morning, EPA spokesman Jerry Matbisi told AFP.

“He thought about the danger to the neighborhood,” he added.

The beast was killed near the small town of Beit Plessis, 450 km from Johannesburg.

The authorities had warned anyone not to “attempt to capture the lion” and to contact them if the animal appeared.

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