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Pictures | A replica of the White House is for sale for $11.4 million

You no longer have to be President of the United States to live in the White House. In fact, a replica of the famous residence occupied by Joe Biden is up for sale for US$8.5 million, or approximately C$11.4 million.

The property, located in Indiana, has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 3,000 square feet; It has five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. It’s still far less than the one in Washington, which has 16 rooms and 35 bathrooms.

The facade of this replica has a circular section supported by neoclassical style columns, just like the real White House. A giant American flag flutters in front of the residence.

In the luxurious house built in 1997, there is a spacious entrance hall, a huge double staircase, an elegant dining room, a spacious kitchen, a sumptuous dining room, a training room and an impressive copy of the famous oval office.

The property also includes a very large grounds, indoor swimming pool, ancillary building of 1000 sqm and a stable.

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