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[Société] MAP - 45 active groups, especially in professional environment, friendly and family gatherings

[Société] MAP – 45 active groups, especially in professional environment, friendly and family gatherings

The Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin of Covid-19 issued by the ARS and the Prefecture indicated that, on June 8, 2021, 45 active groups in Reunion, compared to 39 last week. Despite a slight decrease in the number of new weekly cases compared to last week, the number of clusters is on the rise.

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Note that since the beginning of the epidemic, 262 groups closed on the island.

Among the active clusters, not all present the same risk of spreading the virus. Thus, 10 groups were of high criticality, 20 of moderate criticality, and therefore 15 of low criticality.

The significance of clusters is assessed by the ARS according to a set of criteria: the number of cases, the ratio between the number of cases and the size of the group or community in which the cluster was born, the vulnerability factor of that group/community, the severity of cases in this cluster, the time of detection, or the risk of spreading distances (in Status of people moving from the block). As a reminder, the pool is closed if no new case is reported 14 days after the last case.

ARS and the Prefecture identified this week that these groups are evolving.”Mainly in the professional environment and during friendly or family gatherings.

In this context, the authorities remind companies and departments that they provide guidelines for measures that protect in the workplace “because barrier measures must continue to apply in all circumstances.”

The main active groups (high critical and moderate critical) are distributed as follows:

  • 10 high-importance groups : at Saint-Paul (4), at Port (3), Saint-André (1), Saint-Louis (1), Saint-Pierre (1)

  • 20 moderately critical groups : at port (6), at Saint-Denis (6), Saint-André (3), Saint-Benot (1), Sainte-Marie (1), Saint-Louis (1), Saint-Paul (1) and Saint Pierre (1).

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