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The manager of the rune cultivation room is skeptical |

The manager of the rune cultivation room is skeptical |

Methane gas masks from cows will soon be marketed by giant Cargill to reduce the climate impact on ruminant farming. What does the director of the Rhone Chamber of Agriculture, Gerard Bazin, think? Lion Capital I called him.

US agri-food giant Cargill should launch in 2022 the marketing of anti-methane masks for cows to European farmers. So the small solar battery-powered fans suck up methane from cow burps which will then turn, using a filter, into carbon dioxide, which is less harmful to the climate. The device, placed above the animal’s nose, will significantly reduce the climate impact of ruminant farming by halving methane emissions.

Developed by the British company Zelp, the masks will be marketed as subscriptions for around $80 per year.

The director of the Rune Cultivation Room, Bernard Bazin, call him Lion CapitalNot satisfied with the project.

“It is absolutely not relevant today

He believes that the business of cultivating tomorrow is much more about founding.”More global practices On food and animal care From processing cows. It is much more about promoting different practices related to food and animal care, rather than resorting to things”Intense“I have a relationship with”Science Fiction” And from here “Telecommunications“.

If he realizes that there are problems with methane, he says, then there is no point in going over things.”Intense“I have a relationship with”Science FictionToday’s farmers are more inclined towards a change in practices: more use of local produce to use less and less in transportation, or even more self-sufficient production. Proteins in feed certainly have a climate goal, but also animal welfare.

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He also denounces the current trend of rejecting animal proteins: according to him, animal and vegetable protein production is complementary, and a balance must be found.

“The plant has advantages, but to consider that the production of animal protein should be completely called into question is fundamentally the fault of humanity”