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Slavery Theme: A white artist criticizes her choice of decor

Slavery Theme: A white artist criticizes her choice of decor

A white artist has received criticism from netizens after posting a video on TikTok showing her apartment being decorated with several pieces of African art. However, it was the pigeons that attracted attention, many of which referenced the theme of slavery.

In a post that has already been viewed over 735,000 times, TikTok user JPG (@jpgeez) reviews footage from artist Hannah Polskin’s now-deleted original video, and the TikToker couldn’t help but frown at the sight of toilet paper money.

Screenshot taken from TikTok | @epiphanytears2

“So, I have a question,” he says in the intro to his video. “Has anyone asked you to set up the bathroom this way?”

“What I wonder, and I think everyone is wondering when they see this video, is what does choosing a toilet paper holder have to do with the rest of the decor?” – after that.

While Hannah Bolskin is a white artist, the choice of motifs may be considered offensive to some according to the Daily Dot article that cited TikTok comments.

The decor is more aggressive because the woman decided to attach a toilet paper roll to the wall, a decorative idea that directly references the era of slavery.

However, user JPG points out that decorating with works of African art or using the chain as decoration is not troublesome in itself.

“You know, separately there’s no problem, but together? It’s interesting,” he concludes sarcastically.

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