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Skul The Hero Slayer

Skul: The Hero Slayer – Coming in physical form on PS4 and Switch

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Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will host the physical version of Skul: The Hero Slayer on March 22, 2022. This 2D roguelite game promises another tough day for the last free demon.

The little skeleton named Skul was born from a collaboration Merge gamesAnd Newwies And SouthPAW. This 2D roguelite-style action platformer game will give players a hard time Nintendo Switch And Playstation 4. After restoring the known roguelike random card system, replaying each level will pose a new challenge. Everything will depend on your response and skills in nervous platform games.

Skull hero killer

Skul: The Hero Slayer, le Synopsis

A mortal alliance has regrouped to put an end to the Demon Lord in a final assault on his castle. In excess, the humans completely destroyed the building, capturing all the demons. everyone ? No. Skul, a tiny skeleton manages to escape from them and sets out on his own against humanity to free his race from the yoke of their jailers.

Use Skul’s special powers wisely to get you out of the worst situations: he is able to use different abilities depending on which skull he decides to wear. That is, at most two can be combined. The possibility of changing it in the middle of combat wouldn’t prevent between two different instances of the same level.

If you want to know more about the hunt for a small but fat skeleton, feel free to visit the website of For games only. They will make sure to send the physical copies. About it, if you ever enjoyed the musical environment Skull: The killer heroIn addition to the game and its manual, you will have an icon that will allow you to download the soundtrack.

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Skull hero killer

As a reminder, the game will be available at March 22 2022 to Nintendo Switch And Playstation 4. Do you think 2D games still have a future in video games? Do you like very challenging games? Tell us in the comments on GeekNPlay or via social networks Facebook social networking site And Twitter.