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Swift Playgrounds, the new program for children to learn programming

Swift Playgrounds, the new program for children to learn programming

Learning programming is becoming more and more important in education, to the point of introducing it early, starting from the elementary levels. At the same time, it’s a way to introduce them to the basics of computer language that Apple says can be a lot of fun.

Swift stadiums Which requires no programming experience and allows you to create apps for iOS, iPhone, and iPad right on your Apple tablet.

Swift Playground also allows app previews in real time as the young programmer makes changes to their apps. At the end of their project, budding developers can upload their apps to the App Store to make them available to friends, relatives, and millions of users around the world.

To learn programming, Swift Playgrounds

An apple

To learn programming, Swift Playgrounds

development application Swift stadiums Includes:

  • Apple-created lessons walk you through basic programming concepts using code to solve puzzles;
  • A preview that allows you to see the code running in a beautiful 3D interactive world that you can rotate with your finger and pinch to zoom in;
  • Animations bring each new coding concept to a high level before diving into the puzzles;
  • An integrated glossary and help pages provide detailed information on the available commands, frameworks, and terminology.

During the whole process, the young man is able to unleash his creativity, add music, photos, etc.

course program Swift It provides direct access to iPads including gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, and touch events, which are great for gaming.

At all times, the programmed trainee apprentice has access to the smart assistant, for example, to transmit and modify commands, get frequently used code snippets, debug common errors, get suggestions and organize code formatting.

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Basic configuration

The new app aims to make it easier for new iPhone and iPad developers to test their ideas without having to use a Mac computer. To take advantage of the new features in Swift Playgrounds 4, they must have iPadOS 15.2 or later. Swift Playground 4 is now available on the App Store for iPad.