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Sidney Crosby opens up about his future with the Penguins

After a disastrous end to the season, the Penguins failed to extend their amazing streak of 16 consecutive playoff appearances.

The organization wasted no time cleaning up with three major dismissals last Friday.

Now that he’s missed the Spring Tournament for the second time since his rookie season, Sidney Crosby has been asked if he still wants to finish his career with the club that drafted him in 2005.

“I love it. It’s been like this since day one. I consider myself very lucky to have been recruited here. I have great memories. I had the chance to play with two of my teammates in particular over a long period, so I would definitely love to stay.”

Sidney Crosby

The captain seems very loyal to Pittsburgh and his teammates, and doesn’t seem like he wants to leave the organization to try and win another Stanley Cup.

It will be interesting to see the approach of the club’s new leaders, who will have to decide whether to embark on a complete rebuild or try to enclose their core in order to continue fighting for a play-off place.

anyways, baby master He has no intention of going anywhere else.

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