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“Historic” flooding in US Northeast

“Historic” flooding in US Northeast

Emergency services are carrying out emergency evacuations Tuesday of residents in Vermont after “historic and catastrophic” flooding hit the northeastern US state of Vermont.

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Rescuers used inflatable boats and kayaks to evacuate residents, according to U.S. media images, including in the state capital of Montpellier, where a completely flooded city center was closed until midday Tuesday.


More than 100 people have been rescued, officials said.

“The devastation and flooding we’re experiencing is historic and catastrophic,” state Gov. Bill Scott said at a news conference. He said the “flooding has exceeded the level of Tropical Storm Irene” which killed six people in the state in 2011.


US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Vermont, allowing federal aid to be released.

“It is good news that the rains have stopped in some areas, but that does not mean that the water will recede immediately,” the governor continued.


“We’re expecting more rain later in the week, which won’t go anywhere over the excess land,” he said.

In a Facebook post, the city of Montpelier warned that a dam was at risk of breaking, spilling water into the North Branch River and “significantly worsening damage.”


As much as 8 inches of rain fell across the northeastern United States between Sunday and Monday, according to the National Weather Service, including in the New York area, where flooding killed a woman trying to escape her home.

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New York State Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul said, “People must come together to fight the ravages of climate change because these are unprecedented events that will hit us again, and again. Again.”