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She is dumped in the middle of a trip to Miami by a married man

She is dumped in the middle of a trip to Miami by a married man

A woman’s intimate, fairytale-like experience turns into a torrent before midnight when her companion abandons her in broad daylight.

Chandler, the Maryland creator, who has more than 22,500 followers on TikTok, said the man she was dating invited her to Miami this week for their second one-on-one date. Halfway through the flight, he took off while I took a nap.

“Horror story: he ‘ghosted’ me while we were on vacation together,” she wrote in the capsule, in which she revealed a man named “Ronnie.”

“He left and I don’t know why…” she lamented.

The duo was supposed to go to dinner at 1:30 p.m. Ronnie was supposed to go see her sister in the morning, but she never showed up after that. Concerned, Chandler repeatedly texted him asking if he was okay, but didn’t follow through.

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After falling asleep in the hotel room, the 30-year-old woman realized that her lover’s luggage was no longer in the room.

He gave no sign of life until the next day. His answer: “I’ll be fine” (I will be fine

He also explained to her that he was wrong not to attend and that he had “just received some devastating news over lunch.”

If the sequence of events is entertaining, the appearance of the element of surprise is even more fun.

In an update to his story, Chandler revealed that he received some interesting information – certainly hurtful to his ego – from a woman who told him that Rooney himself had dumped her.

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Her suspicions seemed to be confirmed: according to the woman, who provided her with receipts and other documents, Ronnie was a married man with two children at home.

Will Rooney think twice before implementing his method? Chandler subscribers hope so anyway…