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The Ukrainian army has made “significant progress” in recent days

The Ukrainian army has made “significant progress” in recent days

A spokesman for the White House National Security Council said on Friday that the United States “notes the significant progress made by the Armed Forces of Ukraine” in the south over the past 72 hours.

Referring to recent criticism in the US press by unnamed officials over the Ukrainian counterattack, John Kirby said: “Criticizing a partner and friend who is trying to advance in a bloody, horrific and violent way is not really helpful.”

The spokesman added: “Our priority is to ensure that they are prepared to continue these developments, that they have the tools and techniques, and that they have the necessary training.”

“Even ignoring the past 72 hours, no objective observer of this counterattack can say they have not made progress,” John Kirby said.

“It has been slow in some areas (…), but they are fighting bravely every day,” the former admiral added, adding that he himself would be careful not to comment on the Ukrainian strategy “from his couch.”

The United States is the largest provider of military aid to Ukraine.

Over the course of a month, American media cited military officials, who requested anonymity, criticizing the Ukrainian strategy to reclaim the occupied territories.

In essence, they criticize Kiev for some dispersion, which would prevent its army from sending enough forces to the right place to break through the Russian forces.

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