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There is no doubt about Biden's "legitimacy," says the Republican leader

There is no doubt about Biden’s “legitimacy,” says the Republican leader

None of the Republicans question the “legality” of Joe Biden’s victory. On Wednesday, a party leader in the US Congress affirmed, taking the opposite course of false accusations of election fraud launched by Donald Trump.

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Coincidentally, Kevin McCarthy was received at the White House right after he led the overthrow of Conservative-elect Liz Cheney, and became distant from the former president, and several elected officials in his camp, for being “ relentlessly critical ”. The “big lie” about the presidential elections in November 2020.

The leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, upon leaving the House of Representatives, apparently keen to demonstrate, despite this vote, that his party does not support non-repetition of the elections, “I do not think that anyone doubts the legality of the presidential elections.” Donald Trump’s accusations.

“I think this is over everywhere. He stressed that we have met here with the President.”

For nearly two hours, Joe Biden spoke for the first time since coming to power on January 20 with the four congressional leaders: Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the Senate, as well as Republicans Mitch. McConnell, 1st Republican in the Senate, and Kevin McCarthy.

Earlier this morning, the 212 House Republicans ousted Liz Cheney from her position as third place in the parliamentary group, in a verbal vote that was quickly sent behind closed doors.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney replied, “I will do everything in my power to ensure that the former president does not approach the Oval Office again.”

The former real estate mogul said in a statement that this elected governor “has no personality and has nothing to bring good to our political life or our country.”