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She bites a human finger into her salad: an American restaurant chain has filed a lawsuit against her

She bites a human finger into her salad: an American restaurant chain has filed a lawsuit against her

A Connecticut woman decided to sue the Chopt restaurant chain after she discovered, to her horror, that she had just chewed off a piece of a human finger that had fallen onto her salad, after the establishment’s manager had cut herself.

Last April, American Allison Causey, of Greenwich, realized while enjoying a meal that she was “chewing part of a human finger that had been mixed with the salad and made up part of it,” the lawsuit states. For CBS News.

The latter was accidentally found in a customer’s salad, after the manager of the establishment located in Mount Kisco, New York, cut her finger while preparing watercress, according to American media reports.

Except that during the commotion of her being sent to the hospital, employees allegedly accidentally served the tainted salad to customers, not realizing that a piece of the finger was among the greens.

But according to the lawsuit, the woman suffered shock and then developed panic attacks, migraines, cognitive impairment, nausea, dizziness, and neck and shoulder pain after eating her finger in the tainted salad, she claimed.

At this time, the amount claimed for damages has not yet been determined, but the organization has already had to pay a $900 fine to the Westchester County Health Department due to the incident.

Restaurant chain Chopt Creative Salad Co., which has 70 franchises in the eastern United States, wouldn’t be the only one to miss a finger: In 2016, a pregnant woman reportedly found a piece of a bloody finger in her salad from a plate. Applebee’s is in California, according to CBS News.

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Similar incidents also occurred in Michigan in 2012, in a roast beef sandwich from an Arby’s restaurant, in 2010 in Florida in a green salad for fried chicken at IHOP, as well as in 2005, in a pint of ice cream from a Kohl’s restaurant. American media reported that a frozen custard shop in North Carolina.

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