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Autism: Five St. Hubert’s Comprehensive Roots

Noise, music, and the presence of other patrons can make even a simple visit to a restaurant unsettling for many autistic people.

Since the beginning of April, five St. Hubert grill factories have welcomed these customers in a congenial setting.

He explained to TVA that “The St-Hubert Group, in collaboration with the Autistic and Major Foundation and the St-Hubert Foundation, has put forward a comprehensive project aimed at customers with autism, to come and eat in our branches.” Martin Group Human Resources, Clara Martin.

“We came in to make changes in terms of brightness. So, we actually turned the lights down. Also for the music to flow, we took it down. We picked a few tables in the dining room to make sure it was as quiet as possible, the least crowded, and then we also had a sensory kit.”

The initiative, which aims to improve the customer experience, is supported by the À Pas de Géant Foundation.

“It’s also good to see that it’s not just about recruitment and that there are companies like St-Hubert that are ready to have a more than 360-degree angle, which also allows offering to be offered to autistic clients and their families,” says Giant Steps project manager Michael Huot.

To see the full report, watch the video above.

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