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A drop of this inexpensive product is enough to prevent condensation on your windows this winter

A drop of this inexpensive product is enough to prevent condensation on your windows this winter

A simple trick with a product we all have in our kitchen provides a barrier to water droplets.

Winter brings its share of small household annoyances, like condensation on windows. Seeing drops appearing on the windows in the winter is a problem that many people suffer from in the winter. This common phenomenon, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, is caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside. In addition to being unsightly, condensation creates an unpleasant feeling of dampness and encourages mold to form on surrounding windows and walls.

What to do? Faced with this problem, several solutions are available to you. You can of course increase the heating in your home (but not necessarily economically), invest in a dehumidifier (but noisy), increase ventilation, etc. But there is also a magical, simple and convenient tip for combating condensation.

the secret ? All you need is a little dishwashing liquid and a cloth. Wash windows as usual. When completely dry, put a drop of dishwashing liquid on a dry or slightly damp cloth and rub the inside of the windows in a circular motion to avoid leaving marks. It is important to make sure the cloth is not too wet to avoid suds and not to use too much product, which may leave streaks on the windows. Then wipe the entire surface with a dry cloth.

But why does this seemingly strange method work? According to several scientific sites, including The Nakedcientists, the likely reason why dish soap stops condensing is From the waxy and alkaline texture of the soap. It prevents water molecules from sticking to the glass. Since the steam no longer has a smooth surface to cling to, it can't fog up the mirrors and windows in your home. This simple and cost-effective tip is an effective solution to reducing condensation on your windows during the winter months. With just one drop of dishwashing liquid, you can say goodbye to condensation and fully enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home during the winter. Just think about it…

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