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Revealing the billionaire's gifts |  Justice Clarence Thomas criticizes 'terrible people' in Washington

Revealing the billionaire's gifts | Justice Clarence Thomas criticizes 'terrible people' in Washington

(Washington) A picture of the conservative turn of the US Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas sharply criticized the “terrible people” in Washington after a series of revelations that he benefited from the largesse of a right-wing billionaire, US media reported.

These embarrassing discoveries sparked controversy last year about potential conflicts of interest in the highest US court, at a time when the latter was making a series of shocking decisions regarding the right to abortion and even carrying weapons.

“What you will find, especially in Washington, are people who take pride in being terrible,” Clarence Thomas said, Friday, during a conference in Alabama, in the southern United States. Washington Post And the The New York Times.

The judge denounced the “evil” and “lies” that his family, according to him, were the target of in this “despicable place,” referring to the capital of the United States, which conservatives often associate with what they describe as the American capital. The American liberal and bourgeois “establishment.”

The US Supreme Court has come under particular scrutiny since it, amended by former Republican President Donald Trump, struck down the federal guarantee of the right to abortion in June 2022.

This topic is one of the topics dominating the current presidential campaign that pits Donald Trump himself against Democratic President Joe Biden.

In the spring of 2023, Clarence Thomas found himself in the storm when an American media outlet revealed that he had accepted, without announcing it, lavish gifts from billionaire Harlan Crowe, including private flights, cruises on a mega yacht or even the costs of a trip. Private school for more than $6,000 per month.

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Real estate mogul Harlan Crowe is one of the Republican Party's biggest donors.

In the Supreme Court since 1991, Justice Thomas has recognized free travel on a businessman's private jet.

But his lawyer, Elliott Burke, at the time, cited errors in statements made by his client “inadvertently” who always sought to “respect the law.” The lawyer then described the criticism directed at Clarence Thomas as “ridiculous,” which he said came from “leftist organizations.”

In the face of the scandal, the Supreme Court adopted a code of conduct in November, but most legal commentators immediately noted that this text did not provide any penalty or enforcement mechanism.