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Scotland: Periodic protection available for free, first

Scotland: Periodic protection available for free, first

The local government has announced that tampons and sanitary napkins will be available free of charge from Monday in Scotland to all women as the Anti-Menstrual Poverty Act comes into force, the first in the world on this scale.

Under this provision voted in 2020 by the British nation’s MPs, local authorities, schools and universities will be legally obligated to provide periodic protection free of charge.

The mobile application, PickMyPeriod, has been launched to find the nearest distribution points.

The Scottish government, led by the separatists, presents its law as the first of its kind in the world and claims that New Zealand or South Korea have followed this path.

In France, health protection is provided free of charge to female students.

“Providing free health protection is fundamental in terms of equality and dignity,” Social Justice Minister Shauna Robison said in a press release.

“It is even more important at a time when people are forced to make difficult choices due to the cost of living crisis,” he added, with inflation approaching 10% in the Kingdom, and energy bills in the United States and skyrocketing hitting the poorest.

The Scottish government has already introduced sanitary pads and tampons in schools and universities since 2018.

The movement against the instability of the menstrual cycle in the country was carried out in particular by the group of high school girls, “Business Woman”. The girls had filled toilet dispensers at their school in central Scotland with hygiene products before launching a campaign, speaking out at other schools and organizing a rally outside the Scottish Parliament.

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More than half (52%) of teenage girls have missed school due to their periods according to a May 2019 survey of 1,000 teenage girls in the UK.