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Scoop: Fashion is a dream!

Scoop: Fashion is a dream!

The founder of Lululemon, a yoga apparel company, sparked a mini-scandal last week by criticizing his former company's merger policy.

According to him, the people we find on Lululemon posters (with their overweight and “normal” appearance) are “uninspiring.”

The man clearly misses the days when fashion giants used top models or movie stars to sell their products, and not everyday people you might meet at the grocery store.

At the risk of throwing stones at me, I completely understand his criticism…

Rita and Kevin

Fashion is a dream.

If my Aunt Rita buys perfume for $350 a drop, it's because she wants to have the impression, when she puts on her perfume, that she looks like Linda Evangelista.

Not my aunt Rita. What it really is.

I'm a huge fan of the series Yellowstone. I love the way Kevin Costner's character dresses in this series. I will buy all her clothes.

Additionally, I went to see online if we could buy Yellowstone clothing. (Answer: Yes)

If I have the courage to dress like a rancher (which I highly doubt), it's because it will make me feel – yes – it will make me as cool as Kevin.

Yes, I know it's stupid. After all, a shirt is just a shirt, not plastic surgery.

But this is fashion. From the dream.

If you buy a shirt, it doesn't look like the postman or the head of the nail department at Réno-Dépôt in Boucherville.

It is to be booty. (Which I don't have, unfortunately).

“Body diversity” is all well and good, but if I go see the latter Superman At the movies, it's not like I see Danny DeVito in a cape and spandex kissing my cousin Chantal.

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I want to be transferred somewhere else. I want to feel, for two hours, like Christopher Reeve or Henry Cavill.

The little man with the paunch, the pointy chin and the big nose, I see him every morning in my mirror.

No need to pay $15 to watch it in the evening.

Freedom 2024

Remember George Michael's great Freedom 90 music video? With Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell?

This was a clip, friends!

Today, if George Michael were alive, he would make his own music video with Sylvie, Manon, Shirley and Aunty Rita.

You said that fashion took us “somewhere else.”

this is the problem. Baby rabbits don't want to be “somewhere else.” They want to get to know themselves. he meets. Always, all the time.

Even in works produced in the sixteenth centuryH a century.

Everything for them should be a mirror. It reflects their bodies, appearance and values.

Because they are convinced that they are the best ever.

It's their journey.

But for me, if I went to Sephora tomorrow, and I saw Girard's perfume, “which makes you feel like a plumber in an apartment building,” let me tell you I'd pass.