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Science always loses to stupidity

Science always loses to stupidity

There is of course consensus among scholars, but there is rarely consensus. It is as if they were waiting for evidence of the situation to reach the general public before getting involved, only to conclude beyond reasonable doubt when doubt becomes ridiculous.

This is because we also do not fail to confuse the two fundamental themes of the problem: the fact that the Earth's temperature is rising, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, if so, what is the reason.

Science, which should nevertheless be at the forefront, with all the tools of measurement and analysis, to know things before the citizen in the street, has just reached the first stage: it has just concluded that the planet is warming. Why today? Well, because we had to wait for this phenomenon to gain unanimous support among the general population.

Meanwhile, we look askance at scientists when they tell us it's because of all the carbon dioxide we're putting into the atmosphere.

Not from the forest

To conclude that the planet is warming, we did not believe scientists and their measurements. We preferred to wait until the ice completely disappeared from the surface of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, so that the ice mass in the Arctic would be an endangered species, so that the rising temperature of the world’s oceans would lead to the occurrence of hurricanes, tornadoes, and rain rivers on our cities, while other regions would catch fire, sometimes the same thing, but at times Other times of the year, there are bouts of drought and heat where the survival of plants and animals becomes impossible.

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Under these circumstances, we are not out of the woods because the second stage, which is the cause of global warming, will not only be more difficult for science, but while it waits for the public evidence to dispel the doubt that is part of its approach, we understand that by the time it gets to this Conclusion: The world's population will have already reached this conclusion on their own.

Only then will politics and governments begin to take real concerted action. It will of course be too late to slow down, stop and then reverse the process, because while some governments will finally decide to take action, but at great cost, others will seize the opportunity to do the opposite and save money, undoing all their investments. Efforts and feeding the belief that they are useless because they do not lead to results.

Science, when it is used to develop new weapons or systems that will allow us to save money, we believe it from the very beginning of its discoveries and it is very effective, but when it should convince us of something that bothers us, such as the dangers of smoking for example, and get us to change our behavior, it fails miserably.

This does not mean that he is completely useless, but rather that he will remain so present to measure and archive the global phenomenon of stupidity that it will completely preclude the accuracy and precision of his discoveries.

However, Darwin understood this almost two hundred years ago: science always loses its battles against human stupidity.

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-Andre Verville, Levis