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Tournai.  3 CVA: start building services for Espace France

Tournai. 3 CVA: start building services for Espace France

Under the implementation of a national program, residents of the 53 municipalities of the CVA 3 will have access, next July, to the services of Espace France in Tournay with an antenna in Pouyastruc.

The Espace France Services (EFS) construction project, led by the Coteaux du Val d’Arros Municipal Community (3CVA) and already mentioned in our columns, is now entering the implementation phase at 15 de la Place d’Astarac, in Tournai. In a few months, work will also begin on the renovation of the former treasury that was intended to house the offices of the 3CVA headquarters.

President Abdia, the contracting authority for the project, met today, Thursday, with the engineer Robin Moreau responsible for managing the project and 11 companies selected after consultation, to sign the works contracts, not forgetting the Monitoring Office and the Security Coordination Office.

And the message that the Chair sent to participants at the beginning of the meeting is not puzzling: “You have an imperative commitment to results in terms of the work-delivery deadline, next June.” In fact, the EFS must be approved by the state before it opens to the public with appropriate services, during the next month of July.

The creation of these sites will cause some turmoil in the place of Astarak. Also, Tournai City Council will be required for six months to close Capbern and Paréage Streets to traffic as well as neutralize three parking spaces at the construction site.

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What is a French service area?

EFS is a one-stop shop that gives access in one place, in a pleasant place, to the main public service institutions: Public Finance, Family Benefits Fund, Health Insurance, Pension Insurance, Pôle emploi, Mutualité Sociale Agricole, etc.

Based on an injunction from the government, a nationwide network of 1,745 department stores has been deployed since 2019, led by the Ministry of Regional Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities. It aims to restore public services “with a humane face” to the heart of the regions. In the long run, every French person should be able to reach EFS in less than 30 minutes.

Obtaining the label requires at least nine partners on the site.

It should be noted that in the vast area of ​​3 CVA, a branch office will be opened in Pouyastruc. In addition, municipal clerks in municipalities far from Tournai will be able to form as many entry points as possible, thus allowing for good interlocking in the area.

In our section, six of the Espaces Frances rated services in January 2022 have been added to the eleven already open to the public.