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School experts |  Academy of Nantes

School experts | Academy of Nantes

System for middle and high schools

“Experts in school” is Loan process for a scientific cause To secondary schools Allowing the implementation of educational projects With students in the field of forensic medicine. Teachers respond to calls for applications and their educational project is then considered by a science committee and then validated by the Science at School Board.

Selected teams participate in training and join the “School Experts” network.. Through this network, teachers can exchange or compile their practices and share scientific data. Resources and educational papers are provided to them.

  • Study of micro-relics and forged documents,
  • fingerprint detection,
  • sound analysis,
  • 3D and ballistic modeling,
  • Paleontology and entomology

Illustration at Le Grand Champ College

middle School The grand champion of Grez-en-BouèreIn cooperation with the Gendarmerie Mayen, it participates in this system, which aims to raise students’ awareness of scientific and technical culture. Encouraging educational innovation, creativity and teamwork among teachers. SVT, Physics, Chemistry, Math, and French teachers worked to build this proposed project for fourth and third grade students as part of a weekly science workshop.

Middle school students were selected after writing a cover letter. This project could inspire careers in justice and science!

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